If you ever attempt to tighten the bowl nut and it will not tighten, the problem is the threads in the pedestal or pickup are stripped out. It's time to retire that carburetor. I have no fix or repair for it that I am willing to put out there. I have tried many different ways to salvage these carbs and they just do not hold up or they are just too labor intensive that nobody would pay to have it done. The threads actually are not usually stripped out by force but have disentegrated due to corrosion. I have seen enough of this to feel a need to post this information. In fact, I have gone and done a complete overhaul on a few carbs and only find out at the end when I do the last step of installing the bowl, that the threads are gone. If your carburetor is suffering this affliction, don't bother sending it to me because the first thing I do is check this. If it fails, I send it back on your dime. So far, this problem only seems to occur on the Walbro LME, LMH, and LMG carburetor bodies. Not saying it doesn't occur on others but these are the ones I have seen it on and I get several every year.

Arrow pointing to threaded area in question.